Increase Productivity through Improving Workplace Wellness

Your employees are your most valuable assets, and their health and wellness are your greatest responsibilities. Floridian Quote can help your business create and implement a workplace wellness platform that increases employee productivity and lowers costs associated with healthcare expenses.

Free Wellness Solution to Protect your Employees Mental Health

We recognize that mental health is at the core of wellness, which is why we partnered up with eMindful. Now every client receives eMindful’s eM Life solution. eM Life offers live, expert-led, online mindfulness sessions, and hundreds of hours of on-demand content that builds skills and practical strategies to manage life’s ever-evolving stressors. This mental health resource that’s proven to make a positive impact during this difficult time.

Health and Wellness Consulting

We also partner Revive & Thrive Health Coaching to provide the tools your employees need for lifelong, sustainable change, while providing coaching, real information, and support to allow them to find their own answers, hidden food intolerances, and relief. Together, we will identify and mobilize your strengths and construct your personal Wellness Vision.