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Need low cost health insurance for Up to 1 year?

  • Range of deductibles
  • National PPO networks
  • Copays for doctors and prescription medications
  • Up to 2 million of coverage per person
  • Monthly pay options

Short Term Health Insurance is ideal for those who are:

  1. Between jobs and only need coverage for a short period of time until the new group plan begins
  2. Missed the open enrollment period for Obamacare and need coverage until the end of the year
  3. Need to purchase for kids who are going to camps that require a major medical policy in place
  4. Don’t qualify for advanced premium tax credits to help reduce the cost of an ACA guaranteed plan.

*Short term Coverage is not guaranteed coverage and does not qualify as minimum essential coverage (MEC) for the Affordable Care Act. All applicants must qualify through an electronic application. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Potential ACA fines can result if MEC is not obtained for the plan year. Please check for potential fine calculations.


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Get Short Term Quotes Now!