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Thank you for considering us for your group insurance needs. The first part of the process involves gathering some basic data about your company so we can provide the most competitive quotes. We are a Florida agency that has been providing many years of group quotes to Florida companies so you’re in good hands. Our turn around time is one of the fastest in the industry so don’t delay. Let us help you today.

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How does Level Funding work?

With traditional plans, a small business pays a fixed premium to the insurance company, and then the insurance company pays the health care claims as well as the administrative costs and taxes. If the actual health care claims are higher then expected, the insurance covers them. But if the claims are lowers then expected, the insurance companies keep the difference. With level funded, if the health care claims are lower then expected, your plan shares the savings with money back at the end of the year. The plan is called level funded, not self funded, because your company will make the same monthly claims funding payment though out the plan year. You won’t have to pay any more for claims at the end of the plan year, even if you have high claims costs.

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